Tim's Blog: Uniting Children

While we have been watching football captains and coaches leading their teams in the World Cup, Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna travelled to Guatemala to meet some different leaders.

06 Jul, 2014

Tim's Blog: Uniting Children

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup coming to an end, there are two things we can be reminded of that are not coming to an end. The love of soccer that unites children around the world who will keep on playing long after the teams return home from Brazil; and also the poverty that affects millions of these children every day.

Recently I travelled to Guatemala to see more of Compassion’s work in releasing children from poverty. Before heading to the airport to come home I attended the graduation of some Leadership Development Program students. It was fantastic to meet inspiring young people who are very grateful for the work of Compassion and incredibly focused on the hope they have for the future. Seeing young people who have been sponsored for 15 years now graduating has a powerful impact. They have come from extremely poor origins yet are graduating as lawyers, teachers, doctors, engineers and psychologists.

Their humble hearts coupled with a steely determination will serve them and their country well in the future. And it wouldn’t be possible without you – Compassion supporters. With Christ, the Church and you, we can help unite kids in something other than soccer and poverty – overcoming poverty and growing up to be leaders in their communities.

Blessings Tim

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