Tim's Blog: When More Help Is Needed

When Henry lost his hand in an unfortunate accident, Compassion was able to provide him with the medical care required to see him thrive. Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna shares how giving to Critical Needs can help children just like Henry.

17 Apr, 2016

Tim's Blog: When More Help Is Needed

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Henry.

Henry is a cheerful 11-year-old boy who lives with his mother, grandmother and two younger siblings in Honduras. When Henry grows up, he would like to become a famous painter.

But Henry’s dream got side-tracked when an accident occurred over Christmas 2014. You see, in Henry’s community, firecrackers are popular over the Christmas season. And one night when walking home with a friend, Henry saw a firecracker in the street. It was wet and they knew it couldn’t explode so they lit it and threw it as far as they could. When, as expected, nothing happened, Henry went over to pick up the firecracker. That’s when it exploded.

The explosion took Henry’s left hand. Were it not for the financial assistance of Compassion, Henry would have likely lost his whole arm as his family could not afford the medical costs. Instead, doctors were able to save his elbow and upper arm.

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It is situations like Henry’s where Critical Needs comes in. Through the Health Critical Need, Henry received a prosthetic hand. While it doesn’t move, it has helped Henry develop his regular activities. He is even able to button and unbutton his clothes by himself.

While being in Compassion’s programs gives children access to medical treatment, there are times when children will require care beyond sponsorship’s reach. For those situations where more help is needed, Critical Needs steps in.

It is through Critical Needs that Henry will be able to change to a prosthetic hand that moves in a few years’ time. Thanks to the timely medical intervention, Henry is recovering better than expected and his dream of becoming a painter is still within reach.

The beauty of Critical Needs is the opportunity to engage in an area you’re passionate about. Maybe it’s Health, so children like Henry can receive the specialised care they require. Perhaps it’s Water and Sanitation or Infrastructure. Whatever the area, giving to Critical Needs enables you to further support children living in poverty—what a wonderful way to help children like Henry!



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