Tim's Blog: You've Made A Difference

All year round Gifts of Compassion make the perfect gift. Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna expresses his thanks and wants to share with you what your gifts have achieved.

08 Feb, 2016

Tim's Blog: You've Made A Difference

When you buy a Gift of Compassion, it can be easy to forget that what you bought is much more than simply a card to give to someone. Every Gift of Compassion purchased goes towards blessing children living in poverty.

To everyone who has purchased a Gift of Compassion: thank you. Here’s two examples of the difference your gift donations have made over the last few years.

Gifts such as Mozzie Nets have provided over 4000 children and their families in Burkina Faso with mosquito nets and training on the causes of and prevention of malaria.

Bénao, a mother whose daughter Djamila attends one of the Compassion centres in Burkina Faso said “before the distribution of mosquito nets, I used to fall sick from malaria once a year. Since receiving the mosquito nets, my daughter and I have not suffered from malaria!”

While a $10 toothbrush gift may not seem like it makes a big difference, your support has helped give 153 children in Nicaragua the opportunity to visit a dentist, receive dental work, and learn about good oral hygiene habits.

Twelve-year-old Isaias said “I had much pain. I could not eat because if something touched my tooth I felt pain. My teeth are healthy now and will last for a long time because I learnt to take care of them to avoid infections.”

Thank you for buying a Gift of Compassion. You’re making a difference to the lives of children like Djamila and Isaias—what a wonderful gift!



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