Turning Two in Burkina Faso

In a community in northern Burkina Faso, Haoua Diallo turns two, a significant milestone in her family thanks to being part of the local Child Survival Program.

07 Oct, 2015

Turning Two in Burkina Faso

Today is a big day. Today, Haoua Diallo turns two. She starts the morning by eating a snack at home with her mum, passing the time before they make it to the Child Survival Program centre in Barkoundba, northern Burkina Faso. CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-11-1509 900p This is the Diallo family home. Haoua lives here with her mother and father. Haoua is now an only child—unfortunately her four older siblings died before their first birthday. For her mother, Haoua is a blessing from the Child Survival Program that she joined when she was pregnant. CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-09-1509 900p The Diallo family owns this small compound where they live and grow crops. In their hut, they cook the food they receive from the Child Survival Program centre to celebrate their only daughter’s birthday. CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-14-1509 900p Haoua’s mother is like so many other mums we all know—she knows how to multitask. She can carry the food she receives from the Child Survival Program centre back to their home on her head while little Haoua is strapped on for a piggyback ride! CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-01-1509 900p What better way to celebrate turning two than with a purple and silver boa scarf? Once they arrive at the Child Survival Program centre, the celebrations begin. Making it to two years old is worthy of a big party and little Haoua is going all out! CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-06-1509 900p Haoua receives a package of food to celebrate this precious milestone. It may not seem like much, but in Burkina Faso it’s something the families look forward to. At the Child Survival Program, birthdays are celebrated once a month with all the mothers and their babies joining in the festivities. CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-17-1509 900p One of the best parts of the Child Survival Program activities? All the fun friends you make! Haoua’s little friend Zoungrana Grace loves to ride on the blue donkey—it’s her favourite toy. CSP-BFCS4-CSPMilestones-10-1509 900p Though not your typical celebration, every birthday is a chance for annual growth monitoring and Haoua is growing perfectly thanks to the lifesaving interventions she has received thanks to Compassion. Being part of the Child Survival Program helped Haoua reach the age of two and has set her on the path to a bright and healthy future, one with a bit of sparkle.

To help more children like Haoua thrive during the early years of their lives, please considered giving to Mums and Babies who benefit from the Child Survival Program in their communities.

Words by Serge Ismael Ouedraogo, Jehojakim Sangare and Monique Wallace

Photos by Serge Ismael Ouedraogo and Jehojakim Sangare

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