In most cases, Compassion sponsors are responsible for choosing their sponsored child. But what would happen if this were reversed? In February 2018 we embarked on a mission to find out. We called this experiment 'Child's Choice.'

NB: This is not currently a product that Compassion Australia is offering or can facilitate. If 'Child's Choice' ever becomes possible, we will let our supporters know.

"Today, the good news is that you all have sponsors. Usually in Compassion, the sponsors choose you on the website. Today you will be the one to choose the sponsor!"

"The pictures are there. So you can choose who will be your sponsors."

Romnick, Deniel, Mark, Charles and Michelle from Masbate in the Philippines were overwhelmed, nervous and excited when they were given this news.

Usually, the other children at the centre get told they have sponsors. But today, for the first time ever they were allowed to choose who would be their sponsor!

They all rushed to the table to look at a sea of faces they'd never met before. And one by one, they chose.

"When I saw the pictures on the tables I was excited. I chose Annabelle," says Romnick.


"I felt special when he picked me," said Annabelle. " I guess I imagine how they feel, when someone picks them."


15-year old Michelle was beaming the moment it was announced she would be choosing a sponsor.


"I chose Jeremy and Ella because just like me, he loves to cook and Ella loves swimming," exclaimed Michelle.


Deniel went straight up to her mother with Sarah's profile. "I was excited and thrilled. She will be able to provide my daughter's needs through Compassion," said Deniel's mother.

Sarah had been nervous at first, but now all was at ease—she was Deniel's sponsor.


Mark was inspired by Lynda and her husband Brett.


"I think they look kind and loving, and I'd like to be a firefighter someday [like Brett]."

Lynda couldn't contain her joy.


Lastly, Charles told us about Samantha, and why he chose her.

"I see Samantha like my mother. Hard working, washing clothes, and cooking," says Charles.

Samantha watched on, overcome with emotion.


"I love that the power was taken out of my hands, and it was just a God connection. Comparing me to his mother was really special."

Give a child living in poverty the same experience when they find out they've been chosen by you—a loving sponsor. Sponsor a child today.