We Hear You

Like millions of children around the world, three-year-old Lizet from Bolivia was silenced by poverty. But Compassion and the local church supported her and helped her understand her story was worth telling. At this year’s Hillsong Conference, thousands of Christians heard her story for the first time—and were given the opportunity to respond by sponsoring a child.

07 Jul, 2015

We Hear You

Poverty robs a child of more than food, water, education and security. It damages their self-worth. Poverty tells a child ‘you don’t matter, your story is not worth being told’. Poverty steals hopes and dreams. Poverty says to a child ‘look around you. Nothing works, nothing’s beautiful, everything’s garbage and so are you’. Children’s voices are silenced by their circumstances.

Children like Lizet from a small village in Achacachi, Bolivia.

When she was just three years old, Lizet and her older brother were left to fend for themselves after their mother abandoned them and their father passed away. Only able to speak the rare local dialect, Lizet was further isolated from her Spanish-speaking community. Eventually her aunt took her and her brother in, but living life on the sidelines was hard.

Everything changed when Lizet was enrolled in the local Compassion child development centre. For the first time, she heard voices of hope and encouragement. The voice of program staff and her local church. The voice of her sponsor. The voice of her loving Heavenly Father. Voices that said, simply: We hear you.

Hear more of Lizet’s powerful story.

Tell a child living in poverty that you hear them. Sponsor a child today.

Words by Nickey Bright and Monique Wallace

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