You pray for your sponsored child, but did you know they’re probably praying for you, too? Five children in the Philippines share how they ask God to bless, protect and strengthen their sponsors.

Your prayers make an incredible difference in your sponsored child’s life, as you ask God for His loving presence to fill their home and heart. We want to encourage you with the knowledge that your sponsored child is most likely praying for you, too!

Meet five children from the Philippines who shared how they thank God for their sponsors and ask for His joy, strength and protection for them every day.

Richelle, 8


Richelle is shy and soft-spoken. She regularly prays for her sponsor and her prayer reveals how much she cares for her “second mother in the UK.”

She prays: “God, please don’t ever let anything bad happen to my sponsor. Please don’t let her meet any accidents or sickness or anything bad. Make her always happy and smiling.”

Mark, 14


Mark wants to be a seaman so he can “travel to many countries and maybe someday be able to see my sponsor.”

“For me, I will give my time to my sponsor. I don’t know if I could ever see him in person but if that will happen, I will make sure to give him quality time. Right now (when we’re far away from each other), I can just [pray for him and] give time in writing my letters to him and answering his questions.”

Alvin, 10


Alvin Baylosis is a bright young man who wants to be a scientist someday.

He believes money is not the answer to all the problems in the world, and so he says he can help his sponsor by always praying for her.

“Thank you, Jesus, that I have a good sponsor. Please help her and her family overcome any problems they face in life. Anyway, I learned that you do not give us problems that we cannot solve. And I also learned that there is nothing impossible for you.

“If I will be given the chance to help my sponsor back, I will give her all of my love. Not money because I don’t have money. Money is not the most important thing. As it says, ‘Love is all we need.’ Some people may be rich but not happy. This is why I am thankful that here at church, our sponsors support us and love us, too. So, I would give my sponsor the biggest hug.”

Janferdric, 8


Everyone calls him Ampy. He is quick witted and fast-talking. He has so many ideas and hopes to become a doctor someday.

Janferdric Quintia prays for his sponsor this way: “Please God, always take care of my sponsor. Guard her, protect her, and take care of her until the end of the world. I love her, and I want to take care of her, too. But she is far away. So please, you take care of her for me.”

Jerimiah, 14


Joy Marte is one of the trusted youth leaders at the Blessed in Christ Church. She is part of the praise and worship team and teaches younger children at the church centre. She wants to be an accountant and public speaker someday.

“We receive a lot of things from our sponsors, yes, but we can also give things to them in return. They are helping us and so we also want to help them back. If given the chance, I would travel overseas, visit my sponsor, and give her a big hug so that I could comfort her in whatever problems or heartaches she may be experiencing. But since that is next to impossible from happening, I will give her my love by writing her letters, praying for her, and studying well.”

Joy says she always looks forward to reading her sponsor’s letters because they motivate her to do well in school.

So thank you for praying for your sponsored child, and we hope you’re encouraged by the thought that they’re likely praying for you, too! Our prayer is that your friendship with your sponsored child will grow and deepen as you spend time bringing each other’s joys and needs before your Heavenly Father.

Why not take a few minutes now and write a letter to your sponsored child to share how you’re praying for them—and how they can pray for you, too.

Interviews, words and photos by Edwin Estioko