We know that coming to the decision to end a commitment, like sponsorship, can be difficult. Read on to find out your options should you be faced with this situation.

What are my options?

Your relationship with your sponsored child is important, and we are passionate about helping supporters stay connected with their sponsored children through life's different seasons.

If you're facing the difficult decision to cancel your sponsorship, there are a few options that we may be able to offer you:

  1. Temporarily reduce your sponsorship contributions

  2. Temporarily pause your sponsorship contributions and Compassion may be able to cover these on your behalf

  3. Consider switching from sponsorship to giving an amount of your choice to Critical Needs

Whatever your situation may be, we'd love the opportunity to discuss these options with you. Please contact our friendly team on 1300 22 44 53 or at compassion@compassion.com.au so that we can find the best solution for your individual needs.

Please note that options may be limited for supporters who have been sponsoring a child for a short time.

How will cancellation affect my sponsored child?

Be assured your sponsored child does not leave the program because your financial support has ended.

When a sponsored child has to say goodbye to their sponsor, we try to find another person willing to take on the support of that child. During this time, the child continues to receive all of the benefits of the program, except sponsor letters, birthday and family gifts.

The child development centre they attend may be able to receive extra support through the Unsponsored Children Fund to care for them.

We've also put some helpful tips together on how to say goodbye to your sponsored child should you need to cancel.

What Happens to My Sponsored Child if I Need to Cancel My Sponsorship?

We are so thankful that you have contributed to releasing a child from poverty in Jesus' name. Please rest assured that the local church will make sure that your sponsored child is cared for, regardless of your sponsorship cancellation.

Please continue to keep our volunteers, staff and children in Compassion's programs in your prayers—your spiritual support is so appreciated!

If you need to cancel and would like more information about the next steps, please contact us.

Words by Cassie Holland

Photos by Galia Oropeza and Ben Adams