Bless children living in poverty

When basic needs go unmet for children living in poverty, a Christmas gift isn’t even a possibility. But together, we can raise $2.4 million to help every child registered with Compassion’s programs to receive a special gift this Christmas.

Your donation will help to provide gifts such as clothing, toys, household goods and food for children living in poverty. What a joy!

Send a Christmas Message

“Christmas is a time to stop and think about Christ, and to act with Jesus' love towards another person. As a child, the Christmas card I received from my sponsor each year was the only card I received. Now, I write a Christmas card every year to my sponsored children. I tell them about Jesus, how my year went with challenges and good experiences, how much I love them and my dreams for them.”
—Compassion graduate Richmond Wandera, Uganda.

Write a letter

Remind your sponsored child they are loved and cared for by writing them a special Christmas message. Words of encouragement from sponsors often become treasured possessions for children living in poverty and are kept for many years.


  • Why write so early?

    By giving your gift and sending your Christmas cards before 30 September, you’re giving local staff the best chance to prepare Christmas celebrations for Compassion assisted children. And when you’re bringing joy to more than 1.7 million children registered at over 6900 child development centres around the world, it’s best to get in early!

  • How do I send a card?

    You can write a Christmas card online. Just log in to ‘My Account’ and you will find a Christmas card template. Simply type your message, and we’ll do the rest! Write your card before 30 September 2015 to ensure it reaches your sponsored child in time. If you miss this date, please still write a card. We will do our best to get it to your sponsored child as soon as possible.

  • What should I write?

    Your Christmas card is a great opportunity to share Christmas joy with your sponsored child and their family with a short, warm message. Wish them a happy Christmas, encourage them to remember Jesus’ birth, share a prayer or a favourite passage of scripture. Share a little of your own Christmas plans or encourage your sponsored child for the coming new year. Your words are important, and the fact that you’ve taken the time to send your card means so much.

  • Can I still send a card if I don’t have access to ‘My Account’?

    Absolutely! It’s as simple as printing this Christmas card and mailing it to us at:

    Compassion Australia PO Box 1 Hunter Region MC NSW 2310

  • Will my donation go directly to my sponsored child?

    Your donation to Compassion Australia’s Christmas Appeal will go towards helping every child registered with the Child Sponsorship Program and every mother and baby registered with the Child Survival Program to receive a Christmas gift, including those who are registered but not yet sponsored. Because it would be unfair if some children received gifts and others did not, donations to our Christmas Appeal are pooled internationally and distributed to purchase a special, age-appropriate Christmas gift for each Compassion assisted child.

  • If I donate to Compassion’s Christmas fund, what will my sponsored child receive?

    Gifts may include clothing, blankets and bed-linen, toiletries and, of course, a range of toys. Wherever possible, our church partners in the developing world purchase the gifts within their local communities, encouraging local businesses and boosting the local economy. All Compassion assisted children are encouraged to write to their sponsors to thank them for their Christmas gift and let them know what gift they received. You are also welcome to ask specific questions regarding the gifts next time you write to your sponsored child.

    Although $30 is the recommended amount to ensure that each child receives a suitable gift, you are welcome to donate more. By giving more, you increase the value of every child's gift once financial donations are pooled, and assist those sponsors who are unable to contribute. This is one of the most special times of the year for the children as for many, Christmas is the only time they receive gifts.