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We work with our local church partners to support a variety of projects based on children’s most urgent needs. You can fund an entire Critical Needs project from start to finish, or provide partial funding.

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icon Mums and Babies Survival Project

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Select a current Critical Needs project to partially or wholly fund

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Stay updated with timely reports and progress photos

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Receive a completion report or visit the project site to see the impact firsthand

How your support helps

The cost of projects can vary depending on the scope of work and location. Every dollar donated is accounted for and contributes to sustainable solutions for children living in poverty.

For every $1 donated


Program development and delivery


Administration and fundraising costs

Stay updated with project reports

Customised reports from the field ensure you’re involved in the project’s journey from end to end. Here’s what you can expect if your project’s duration is 12 months or more:



A summary of your project’s key objectives, timeline and budget


Project update

Local church partners provide updates from the field and may include letters and additional photos.


Impact report

Celebrate the finished work with testimonials, finalised budget information and a report of the outcomes achieved.


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