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Your gift provides families with a source of manure (great for veggie gardens) and income, and a ready supply of nutritious milk. Plus, the agricultural training families receive means this gift is not only sustainable, it can even be turned into a small business.

For rural families, owning a cow is an incredible asset. Cows can produce between 25 and 30 litres of milk each day. This milk helps address malnutrition and improve children’s physical health. Families also receive training on animal husbandry and dairy production so they can care for their animal and enjoy a regular supply of fresh milk to drink and sell.

By gifting a cow:

  • Families will have fresh milk to drink and sell, manure for a healthy vegetable garden, and eventually calves to sell.
  • Agriculture training is provided so this gift could become a small business, helping a family to become self-sufficient.

For every $1 donated

80% goes to program

20% goes to administration