The world is facing an unprecedented global food crisis

Your support has already made a huge impact, helping improve food security significantly in Colombia, Ghana and Togo. However, over 238 million people are still facing acute food insecurity, meaning their lives are in danger.

“With collective action and a commitment to change, we can ensure that every person, everywhere, has access to the most basic of human needs: food and nutrition.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, 2022

The power of the local church

Compassion is partnering with over 8,500 local churches across four continents to respond to the global food crisis. As the crisis evolves, needs shift. The local church is adapting quickly, and actively demonstrating the love of God as they serve their community with short-term aid and long-term support.

Your support is needed so they can answer hunger with hope.

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What countries are affected?

Nine of our partner countries are severely affected: Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

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Food security has improved in Colombia, Ghana and Togo since mid-2023, but our local church partners are continuing to provide holistic support.

Fabrice’s story of hope

The local church in Burkina Faso has been supporting families through the global food crisis so children like Fabrice can secure a future free from hunger.

In Fabrice’s village, everything is dry. Each year, his community endures eight long months without rain. Life is hard for families like Fabrice’s, who rely on farming for their income. It is nearly impossible to grow their own food, and rising food costs mean children risk going hungry.

But thanks to generous supporters like you, our local church partner was able to drill a well to give families access to a clean water source. With the new well, Fabrice is now helping grow a garden at his local Compassion centre, where he can harvest fresh food to eat.

“Because of the borehole, the compound of the church remains green even during the dry season and this was quite impossible before. It is now a miracle to grow our own cabbage, onions, tomatoes, bananas, and parsley.”

Rosalie, Compassion Centre Director

Explore messages from the frontlines

Watch recorded video messages from our global neighbours who are on the frontlines of fighting hunger. Upload your own message of hope in reply.

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Fundraise to fight global hunger with the 345 Challenge!

In three easy steps you can register online, choose your challenge of choice and spread the word to get started. You can take on the challenge individually or as a group. Get involved and answer hunger with hope!

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Answer hunger with hope

You can help ensure children and families in poverty have food to eat during the global food crisis. Your tax-deductible donation and fundraising efforts will help meet vulnerable families’ immediate nutritional needs through the delivery of food packages and ensure they have a sustainable source of food in the future through agricultural training.

If you choose to sponsor a child in a country affected by the global food crisis, you will help to ensure they and their family have enough food to eat and hope for the future.

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