The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. —John 1:9

The word ‘selah’ throughout Scripture is used as an exclamation mark at the end of a verse to help us pause and reflect on its meaning. Today, in day 16 of our Christmas devotional series we are resting on John 1:9. Selah.

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When Christmas is Lonely

by Sarah-Jane Van Eeden

What is worse than feeling lonely?

I would say it is the feeling of being lonely at Christmas time.

Christmas is a time when loved ones come together to celebrate the birth of the Saviour, and in many homes that may look like unwrapping gifts under the Christmas Tree. Watching favourite Christmas movies together, blasting a Michael Bublé Christmas album, and devouring a grand Christmas lunch surrounded by those we care about.

But for some people, thinking of Christmas and the lead up to Christmas brings a sense of dread and anxiety. The loneliness they are already experiencing is intensified.

I live in Melbourne, and the thought that we could be spending Christmas in lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic is hard to grapple with.

This year we have seen relationships impacted because of the global pandemic, and loneliness become even more a reality for so many people. A lonely Christmas is more likely this year than ever before.

How can we overcome this feeling of loneliness as we celebrate Christmas?

It is not easy, but it can begin with the realisation that God is with you. In any moment, you can call on Him and He will never let you down or leave you on your own.

I hope and pray that you’re reminded of the Saviour’s love this Christmas—that He is your source of strength, comfort and joy.

As Jesus came to give us a hope, may you be filled with hope and peace. May His light shine in your world and remind you are part of God’s family, and may you be overwhelmed with joy as you keep your eyes focused on Him.

Dear Jesus, Fulfil your promise to those who are lonely and help to set them in families this year. We reflect on the isolated, those without community and those who are afflicted. Please bring your light into their days. Amen

Sarah-Jane Van Eeden

Sarah-Jane Van Eeden is a project and change manager at Compassion Australia. In addition, Sarah-Jane runs her own coaching business called Be You Project where she provides coaching, regular blogs, and practical tools to help people live their best life.

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At the Table Conversation Starter

Remember a time when you felt lonely. What helped you feel more connected?

Top 12 ideas to help you do something fun this Christmas by yourself

  1. Engage your senses.
  2. Watch your favourite Christmas movie.
  3. Spoil yourself in some way.
  4. Stay rested.
  5. Get some exercise.
  6. Give a gift anonymously.
  7. Help someone else.
  8. Read a good book.
  9. Forgive someone.
  10. Connect with your church family.
  11. Give someone in need a gift.
  12. Read the Christmas story in a new way.

Advent Compassion Challenge

It’s better to give than receive—so invest in a life today by buying a Christmas present for a child in need! Our local staff select a present the child wants or needs, whether it’s toys, clothes, shoes, colouring books or food supplies.

Start a conversation with your neighbours in your street and find anyone who will be spending Christmas alone. Invite them over for a meal or a conversation.

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