“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” —Matthew 11:28-30

The word ‘selah’ throughout Scripture is used as an exclamation mark at the end of a verse to help us pause and reflect on its meaning. Today, in day 17 of our Christmas devotional series we are resting on John 1:9. Selah.

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Dear Mother Rest

by Sarah Glover

The season of giving can be an exciting time—and an anxious one.

When Christmas Day rolls around, I have struggled with the pressure to perform. I’ve been more like Martha than Mary (Luke 10). I’ve been anxious to make the table look great, to cook the perfect meal and to look good in my dress. And on and on it goes.

But I recently went through a time in my life where God stripped me of all the external things and showed me that what matters to Him is my heart before Him—and that I can find my peace in His safety and love.

Luke 1:53 says, “He has filled the hungry with good things, but the rich he has sent away empty.”

The most valuable things in life are not what riches can give us or the work we do to make a profit. The most valuable things that Father God gives us must be received out of divine revelation from His Holy Ghost.

So, today, let’s reflect on what you need internally.

When you spend time with Father God in His Word and in communion with Him, you become hungry. A fire starts and you realise you cannot live without His perfect peace.

What are you in want for this season?

Is it a new outfit or the perfect Christmas Day?

Or is it breath from Heaven and a word of joy and peace?

Peace in your mind, spirit and body cannot be bought. It was given to us by Father God, in love. God’s love for us is so deep that our minds can’t understand how vast it is. But He shows us through His son Jesus. Through the resurrection power of the cross, by Jesus and His blood that was shed for us, we are free from the internal battle of fear, anxiety, and self-hatred.

So this Christmas, let’s be like Mary, who comes before Jesus’ feet, listening and receiving a breath of heaven. All we must do is open our hearts and hands to His love.

Let us set our table this season with the eternal things, the gifts of love and peace.

Father God, Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You tell us to come as we are and receive the bread of life; You are good, and kind, and this my spirit knows well. Forgive me for letting a spirit of fear stop me from receiving your love. I release myself from the spirit of fear. I receive your love for myself and others and I choose to abide in your safe cove of peace. I give you my today and ask that you would bless it and that I would be a blessing to others, out of the overflow of my heart before you. Thank you for being with me every moment of every day; my mind glorifies you Lord, and my spirit rejoices in your Father God. You are my peace, my joy, and my hope. Glory be to your name this season. Amen

Sarah Glover

Sarah Glover is an internationally renowned chef and explorer, who has travelled the world in search of epic food and wild adventures. Sarah has forged a career in Brooklyn, Bondi Beach and Tasmania as a classically trained chef and pastry chef. She is the author of WILD: Adventure Cookbook and owner of the Wild Kitchen. Sarah brings skill to fire-side cooking, scaling windswept cliffs and salty stretches of beach to create simple, uncomplicated, and seriously tasty food (always with a grin!).

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