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Thank you so much for being willing to share these stories of the church in action during this time. Together, we can continue to turn the world’s attention to the needs of children living in poverty.

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Omar’s Story

Omar's story

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Meet eight-year-old Omar and his family. Like so many parents around the world, Omar’s father lost his job as a labourer when the pandemic hit El Salvador. And to make matters worse, the family home (made of wood and metal sheets) caught on fire and burned down in late March.

Without work, a home and a safety net, this family were almost left without hope.

“I felt destroyed when I saw all our belongings that, with much effort, we had saved for, made into ashes,” says Omar’s mother, Lorena.

Less than two hours after the blaze the family received a call from the local Compassion centre where Omar attends. They were told not to worry—the church would be there to help provide household items, food and rebuild their home. Praise God!

Omar’s story

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The challenges of poverty mean families like Omar’s are far more vulnerable when a crisis hits. Because of the incredible generosity of the Church across the globe, they don't have to face these hardships alone

Your gift to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund will help empower local churches to meet the urgent needs of children and their families in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Together, let’s rise as one and help provide urgent stability to children in need. Donate today: your link here.

Omar’s story

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Raina's Story

Raina’s story

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This is the emotional moment Raina and her grandson, Ivis, received a generous delivery of groceries to help during the COVID-19 lockdown in Honduras. Almost 10,900 children and their families were left desperate when the country was placed in lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thankfully, the local church has been able to fill the gap with the help of Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund.

"They had run out of food and had no one to turn to. If not for Compassion’s rapid response, Ivis and his grandmother would have been left hungry,” shares Ninfa, a Compassion centre director from Honduras.

Many families in Honduras, and in all the countries we serve, have no safety net. This means their survival is on the line when a crisis like this hits. Together we won’t let COVID-19—or poverty—win. Together, we rise as one to help vulnerable children. Thank you for helping local churches care for families like Raina’s in these difficult times. If you’d like to know more about how you can also help vulnerable children and families at this time, learn more: your link here.

Claudia's Story

Claudia’s story

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Rain, hail, shine or pandemic—Claudia is ready to serve the most vulnerable in her community alongside her local church.

Claudia is currently the only person from her church approved to travel around her community and provide care for Compassion assisted children. Her work is crucial. In a country like Bolivia, many neighbourhood children are vulnerable to abuse, especially during a lockdown.

“Children are unique, they are God’s creation. They are vulnerable and defenseless. We have to take care of them and support them.”

Claudia has been visiting every single child from her centre to check on their wellbeing. She takes them food baskets provided by Compassion's Disaster Relief Fund and spends time speaking with them. Other staff members continue calling the children to maintain contact with them, so no one is forgotten.

“Some of them live over half an hour away. My husband is taking me everywhere and helping me,” she says.

Claudia’s work is just one example among thousands of why giving in a time like this is so imperative. So please, if you can, give today to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund. Stand with Claudia and so many other supporters, pastors, staff and volunteers across the globe in caring for vulnerable children. Together, we won’t let COVID-19—or poverty win. Learn more: your link here.

Tutu and Perada's Story

Tutu and Perada's Story

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Welcome to the world, baby Perada!

22-year-old Tutu was 39 weeks pregnant when Thailand went into quarantine. Already afraid of having to deliver her baby at home, the last thing Tutu needed was the looming possibility of malnutrition.

Social distancing restrictions meant that Tutu’s husband was unable to work, leaving them and their two children with no choice but to go hungry. Thankfully, hope arrived in the form of staff from the local Compassion Mums and Babies survival project.

Tutu and Perada's Story

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Staff supported Tutu with food, regular health checkups, along with prayer and emotional support. When Tutu went into labour, staff personally drove her to the hospital—and she delivered her healthy baby girl only a few minutes later!

Thanks to your support, Tutu and thousands of mums across the globe are not alone. Our local church partners are continuing to serve the world’s most vulnerable communities in this crisis—but they need your help.

If you are able, please give to our Disaster Relief fund today to help them to continue this vital work. Together, we can see vulnerable families like Tutu’s through this pandemic. Together, we won’t let COVID-19—or poverty—win. Give now: your link here.

Tutu and Perada's Story

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Thank you so much for raising your voice on behalf of some of the world's most vulnerable children. As we educate our friends and family on how this pandemic will affect the poor, we believe they will be inspired to help make a difference.

Please encourage them to give today to help protect children from the devastation of COVID-19.

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