The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. —John 1:5

Together we rise. During a time of darkness and despair, we rise as the Church to shine the light of Jesus around the world. We rise to help vulnerable children and their families. We rise against the devastation of COVID-19. We rise against poverty. Together, we rise as one.


Your donation to the Disaster Relief fund

Give today to help provide children living in poverty with stability through hygiene, food and housing support.

You will be part of a global response as the Church unites to protect children from the devastation of COVID-19.

Children need urgent support now


Hygiene support

Those living in extreme poverty often lack the resources and supplies for even basic hygiene practices like washing their hands.


can help  supply an entire household with critical hygiene supplies.


can help provide essential hygiene and protective items to 20 children.

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Food support

With global supply chains breaking down causing food prices to skyrocket, malnutrition, starvation and chronic health issues are a serious and potentially life-threatening reality for children living in poverty.


can help supply an entire household with a two-week food package.


can help support a family suffering from malnutrition for two weeks with food essentials plus special nutritional supplements.

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Housing support

When parents are left without work and have no safety net, they are unable to pay rent and face eviction and homelessness during this pandemic.


can help keep a family in their home by assisting with rent for one month during a time of economic hardship caused by COVID-19.

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Sidney Muisyo

Sidney Muisyo

Senior Vice President of Global Program,
Compassion International

“For millions of people in low-income nations, the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to undo over a decade of developmental and humanitarian efforts in regions of the world that—even in the best of times—have to contend with economic crises, inequality gaps between the few rich and majority poor, child exploitation and abuse, health challenges and compromised healthcare systems, and food insecurity, just to name a few.

If there was a perfect storm in the worst possible way, this is surely it. At a time when the high-income nations of the world are facing significant challenges themselves, I cannot overemphasise the urgent need to support the countries we work in—first to weather this crisis and then to rebuild resiliency. As with most crises, I fear that vulnerable children are yet again going to pay the highest price.”

The global response

You  are  part of a  global  community united by Jesus—millions of supporters, pastors, churches, staff and volunteers  rising for vulnerable children.

Global response

“Children are unique, they are God’s creation. They are vulnerable and defenseless. We have to take care of them and support them."

—Claudia, centre director of BO0338 Nueva Jerusalen Child Development Centre in Bolivia

Global response

“The centre helps the most vulnerable families by donating food and non-food items. This is a sensitive time when economic activity is slowing down and the parents of our children, who are already vulnerable, find themselves even more vulnerable. This act of distribution was essential to relieve these families, most of whom are in distress.”

—Mr. Vignon, centre director of TG0514 CDE de Baptiste La Moisson d'hedzanawe Child Development Centre in Togo

Global response

“We remain at their side. Our workers continue to volunteer to distribute food and essentials to the children in their community … I am so thankful for our staff and I always pray for them. It is our call of duty.”

— Reynesto Garcia, centre director PH0323 Good News Child Development Centre in the Philippines

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