From rural towns to urban cities around Australia and the Philippines, a dedicated team of contact centre professionals are ready to answer your call to Compassion Australia.

Have you ever contacted Compassion to ask a question about your sponsored child or update your giving? If so, you’ve likely had the privilege of speaking with someone from our Supporter Engagement Centre. And you’ll be hard pressed to find a group of people more passionate and knowledgeable about releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Each day in Compassion Australia’s busy contact centre brings new opportunities and inspiring conversations. There's always plenty of work to be done: welcome and graduation calls, crisis notifications, fundraising opportunities, field updates, social media conversations, processing incoming sponsor letters, account changes and more.

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In 2022, the contact centre welcomed on board a group of former participants in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program in the Philippines. This exciting initiative has provided youth with stable employment and customer service experience. It also means our opening hours can better accommodate supporters from across Australia.

Importantly, when supporters like you call Compassion Australia, you now have the special opportunity to speak firsthand with someone who has been part of the Child Sponsorship Program in the Philippines.

Each of these team members has their own story to tell—real stories of overcoming adversity, connecting with their local Compassion church partner, getting to know their sponsors and bravely stepping into young adulthood with skills, confidence and support from their time in the program.

“I have wonderful memories that I treasure and I’m happy to share them with others,” says Cole, one of the new team members based in the Philippines. Patricia, another team member, says that working with Compassion Australia is a chance for her to use the opportunities she received in the program to give back to others.

“Compassion really had a big impact on my life. I can say that my life is totally different from the past,” says Patricia. “I've learned to be compassionate to other people—even those from different walks of life.”

For team member Sweet, life after sponsorship is free of poverty. “Because of Compassion, I graduated with a college degree and I'm able to help my family financially,” she says. “Yes, Compassion's purpose is to help release children from poverty. But I can say that one of the best things that Compassion did in my life is to introduce me to God.”

Andrea is thankful to have been sponsored by the same Australian supporter for 17 years. Writing and receiving letters was her favourite part of sponsorship. “Every time I was told I had a new letter, I became super excited and happy knowing that someone on the other side of the world loved me and my family,” says Andrea.

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Cameron, the Head of Contact Centre, worked with the new recruits during their training to develop a unique team name: Team Pinili. The word pinili means ‘chosen’ in Tagalog, and the team name serves as a special reminder of God’s love and purpose for their lives.

“Each of these individuals has been chosen. Not simply by me, but by God’s purpose—chosen to be part of Compassion’s ministry, chosen to be sponsored, chosen for this role in our contact centre,” says Cameron.

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Team Pinili have painted a beautiful mural in their shared office space in Manila. The artwork depicts their memories from time spent at their local church partner. Visible from their desks as they speak with supporters, it’s a thoughtful and creative reminder of their personal connection to Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program.

In 2022, the contact centre handled an incredible 20,557 inbound and outbound phone calls and 15,194 emails from supporters. “You never know what the day will bring,” says Team Lead Hugh. “But we always start the day by meeting together for prayer and asking God to guide our conversations. Our supporters have huge hearts for the children and families we serve.”

For Hugh, working in Compassion’s contact centre is a unique opportunity. “Being able to work for a cause that I believe in is such an incredible privilege. We aren’t ‘just’ a call centre. We get to serve our generous supporters who are giving their own time and finances to make this work a reality. I am reminded daily of the impact of this work in both the lives of children and our supporters.”

“The goal of the Supporter Engagement Centre is to leave every supporter knowing that their love and care is making a difference,” says Cameron. “When speaking on behalf of the children we serve in over 25 different countries, there is a lot of complexity and information to share. My team works hard to make this accessible to supporters, and they share in a way that truly enhances the relationship of every supporter with Compassion and our mission.”

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Many of the team in Australia work remotely from their homes, including Elissa.

“We’ve created a culture that never leaves you feeling alone,” says Elissa. “Throughout the day, we celebrate together, encourage one another and—most importantly—we laugh together!”

Elissa says she loves speaking with supporters and hearing their individual stories. She recounts a recent conversation with a 92-year-old supporter who she helped log in to My Account for the first time to write an online letter to her sponsored child.

“Due to arthritis, the supporter was unable to hold a pen to write letters and was considering organising for someone else to correspond with her sponsored child on her behalf—even though she really wanted to do that herself,” says Elissa.

“Over a cup of tea and giggles, she told me she could still push a button, so we worked together to make sure she knew how to use My Account like a pro and write that first letter. This beautiful supporter blessed me incredibly that day with her sense of humour, her gentle encouraging ways and her heart that wanted to see children released from poverty in mind, body and spirit!”

Whoever answers your call or email, you’re in good hands when you contact Compassion Australia. Our team are always glad to connect with you and offer support. We look forward to hearing from you soon and serving children in poverty together.

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Words by Rachel Howlett