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of children experience growth stunting as a result of malnutrition


of people live below the poverty line


of people lack access to proper sanitation

Noel Pabiona

Letter from Compassion Philippines Director, Noel Pabiona

Dear Sponsor, I am Noel Pabiona, and I have been the Compassion Philippines Country Director for 13 years now. I am a proud father of two boys, Nathan and TJ. Just like me, both my sons love sports, having fun and ministering to little children and the poor. My boys constantly remind me to be a patient and responsible father, which in turn, reminds me of my heavenly Father’s love and amazing patience for me.

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April’s Brand New Day

April Joy Aquino set out on a lifelong journey to serve the poor ever since her mother told her to be helpful. Despite losing their livelihood when a fire destroyed the public market in 1996, April’s mother (Nanay) did not stop telling her to give to people who were in worse living conditions.

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Prayer requests for Philippines

  • Please pray for PH319 (Pagsangahan Baptist Church). In April, the church leadership had a retreat and needed to cross the sea via boat to get there. Unfortunately, due to Typhoon Crising, one of the boats wrecked, causing the death of two people, while three went missing. Please pray for comfort and provision for the church and the family in this time of tragedy.
  • Please pray for the families affected by fire in Iloilo. Several months ago, at about midnight one night, a spark occurred in the meter on an electric post and melted the wire insulator. It dropped burning material onto the nipa roof of one house, which cause a fire outbreak in the neighbourhood—bringing down to ashes about 56 houses, including five houses that belong to six registered children. Please pray that God will provide for their needs. May God comfort and strengthen them in this time of crisis.
  • Please pray for Asher, a five-year-old registered child, who was recently diagnosed with Hansen’s Disease. Please pray for God’s healing to be upon him, and strength and encouragement for his family as they face many months of treatment.
  • Please pray for John Michael, a Compassion assisted child, who is presently confined in a hospital. He has brain tumour and he can’t be operated on because of severe malnutrition. Pray that he will gain back his weight and that his infection will be controlled. Pray that the pressure in his cranium/head will normalise and for his healing.