Ever wondered why we partner with local churches to deliver our child sponsorship program? Learn more!

At Compassion, we partner with local churches in over 25 countries to change the lives of children and families living in poverty. This is something we are asked about quite frequently.

How does it work? Why do you do it that way?

Here are three reasons why we partner exclusively with the local church.

1. The Church shares our vision

Why the Local Church is the Best Mission Partner

"On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." —Matthew 16:18b

The mission of the Church is to share the good news of Jesus Christ—that's our mission, too.

The Church is the only institution ordained by God Himself. Ordained to bring the good news of Jesus, to be a haven for the lost and broken and to serve as an outpost for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Compassion and the Church share a heart for children, and desire to see their lives transform as they learn about God's love for them.

Not only is this a vital part of who we are—our shared faith and purpose make it much easier to agree on program outcomes, and to build lasting change in the world's most vulnerable communities.

2. The local church knows their community

Why the Local Church is the Best Mission Partner

Poverty is complex. It takes many different shapes and affects communities across the globe in very different ways. As such, there is no 'one size fits all' solution.

Our local church partners truly understand their communities. They know exactly what is impacting local families, and exactly how to help.

By coming alongside the local church, we can empower them to creatively respond to the needs of local children in a way that is suitable for them.

Working with Compassion field offices, local church partners are able to contextualise our holistic child development program based on local experiences. They are also able to extend their impact through the addition of Crirical Needs to meet health, disaster relief, education, and other urgent needs.

3. Local churches are planted firmly in their communities

Why the Local Church is the Best Mission Partner

The local church is present in a community long before Compassion comes to town, and it will be there long after our part is done.

Our experience has shown us that the church provides greater stability as an agent of continued development than any political, educational or judicial institutions in a community.

At Compassion, we don't see our ministry as never-ending support for the churches we partner with, but rather our aim is to set each church on their own pathway to program maturity, so that one day they can minister to children without us.

Our goal is to encourage and equip churches to become self-sustaining, so that they can continue to change the lives of children for generations upon generations.

Above all, we know that the local church will always remain to be the beacon of hope in a community.

If you would like to bring hope to a child living in poverty, visit our Child Sponsorship page to learn more.


Words by Rebekah Wilesmith and Claire Ince

Photos by Daniel Robson and Ben Adams