Meet talented eight-year-old Honor Adams—the potential artist of your next painting!

“Hi, I’m Honor Adams, I’m eight and I want to be a marine biologist when I’m older because I love animals!”

Honor is an incredibly gifted and free-spirited eight-year-old. She loves animals, playing with her dolls and getting crafty.

She also loves painting large abstract artworks of celebrities: Simon Cowell, the Queen, even Frida Kahlo!

“I think I first started painting when I was seven. I like painting because it’s fun,” says Honor.

“I like to paint famous people the most. I’ve painted the Queen, but my favourite painting was Simon Cowell, because I got some new paints and nice paper.”

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The work of Compassion is close to Honor’s family’s heart—her dad is Ben Adams, a highly regarded photographer who regularly captures photos for Compassion! You’ve likely seen his images on our website.

The family sponsors Pretty, a young girl from Indonesia.

“[She] is seven years old and her mum and dad work on a farm. There are two other siblings in her family. She likes to play with dolls and games. I like to play with dolls too—my Elsa and Anna dolls,” says Honor.

“She sends us lots of letters and we send her letters. I like the pictures she draws. Pretty likes to do drawings just like me.

I think Australian kids should sponsor other kids so Compassion can help them, so that they might get to go to school, get food, have medicine when they’re sick and have shoes—some kids don’t have shoes.”

When we saw the portrait Honor recently painted of Pretty (“I think she might like a painting,” explains Honor), it inspired this competition.

honor web

If, like us, you were wowed by Honor’s talent, you have the chance to WIN a portrait by Honor of your own Compassion sponsored child!

To enter, tell us in 50 words or less how sponsoring a child has impacted your life. Our favourite entry will win a portrait by the talented young artist!

Submit your entry to go into the draw.

UPDATE: This competition has now closed. Congratulations to Laura Bovey, our competition winner!

Photos by Ben Adams