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of people live below the poverty line


lack access to improved sanitation


babies under the age of one die per 1000 births

Jose Carrasco

A letter from Compassion Brazil Interim Country Director Jose Carrasco

Dear Sponsor, Greetings in Jesus’ name! My name is Jose Carrasco. I am the South America Area Director and I’ve been privileged to serve as the Interim Country Director of Brazil since 2014. I was born in Peru; I am married to Laura and we have two wonderful children, Jose Alonso and Natalia. I am proud to inform you that Compassion has been serving Brazil for more than 40 years. We currently have 182 projects in Brazil and are serving more than 51,000 children. The impact of Compassion’s holistic program in the life of a child is huge!

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Geisiane’s Lost Treasure

In the community of São Cristóvão in northeastern Brazil, the great majority of its 18,000 inhabitants live in vulnerability. In this community, a filthy stream crosses one specific street, dividing the people into those who are vulnerable and those who are most vulnerable. The stream isn’t just a border—it’s a constant threat to the surrounding families, regularly rising after heavy rain to flood their homes.

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Prayer requests for Brazil

  • Program staff ask that you pray for the children’s parents who are unemployed. Pray that God will open a door of opportunity for them, and that they will be confident to step through. Pray for parents who are looking for work, that they will not be discouraged and will continue to rely on God to provide.
  • Due to the heavy rains that have affected the state of Pernambuco, landslides occurred in the city of Maraial, where BR0540 is located, destroying houses. Also, the city river overflowed and flooded the houses. In the city of Catende (BR0549), the two rivers that cross the city also overflowed, destroying houses built on its margins. Pray for all the families affected.
  • Praise God that José Augusto Panta—who was suffering from sickle cell anaemia, and, due to so many blood transfusions, then struggled from an iron overload in the blood—has received medical help and is taking his medication. Please continue to pray for his recovery.
  • Thank God for the recently introduced “Passport of the Future” program, which encourages older teens to dream, plan and prepare for their futures. Please pray their dreams and goals will materialise according to what God has planned for them. May God empower the local staff to help them achieve the set goals!