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years is the average life expectancy


of people over 15 cannot read or write


lack access to improved sanitation

William Gutierrez

Letter from Compassion Nicaragua Director William José Gutiérrez Rojas

Dear Sponsor, Dear brothers and sisters, it is a privilege for me to write and greet all of you. My name is William José Gutiérrez Rojas. During 14 years, since 2003, I have been the Country Director of Compassion Nicaragua, located in Central America. It has been more than 16 years since the ministry was launched in this country; among challenges, we are helping more than 56,000 children, to release them from poverty in Jesus’ name. They are supported by 181 church partners.

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Wilmer’s Education

Wilmer’s father worked in farming, but at the beginning of 2016 he left the family and did not return. He gave no warning and left his children devastated. In his absence, Wilmer’s mother, Elvira, began to make and sell tortillas to provide for the family. Every day at 4am, she rose to grind the corn to make the tortillas.

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Prayer requests for Nicaragua

  • Jose, a boy registered with the program asks for prayer for his mother, Maria. She has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She has already begun chemotherapy but he asks for a miracle from the Lord in her life.
  • Praise God that after months of prayer, the teenagers registered with the NI-139, Centro de Desarrollo Integral Mimados del Reino, have improved notably in their behaviour. Many were struggling with poor school attendance, family issues, and peer pressure. This last month, attendance improved, they are more involved in project activities; they’re showing more respect towards tutors. The church asks to continue joining them in prayer until they see more solid results in the youth.
  • Please pray for Ashley and Melani, two registered girls who have both suffered brain injuries and need constant care and treatment. Please pray for their medical treatment and healing; pray also for their parents and families who are caring for them.
  • Pray for all our local church partners as they work so hard to serve the children and their families, and the wider communities. Praise God that so many have good standing in their communities and a lot of support and good will. Pray they will continue to build a strong presence in their neighbourhoods, for the good of the children.