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mothers die from pregnancy related causes per 100,000 births


of people lack safe drinking water


of people lack access to proper sanitation

Cristina Zavala

Letter from Compassion Peru Director, Cristina Zavala

Dear Sponsor, Receive our warm greetings from the Inka’s land culture, the Amazon River and the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean. My name is Cristina Zavala and I have been the Country Director of Compassion Peru since 2005. I live close to the beach and I love the sunset, with those beautiful colours in the sky, and the sun hiding in the sea like a little child hiding to play. I thank God for His wonderful creation and His call to serve many children in poverty that also play “hide and seek” and have an opportunity to get hope in life.

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Meryl’s Message of Hope

Meryl Karina Ferrer Carhuas was born in a hardworking family in one of the poorest parts of Lima. Her parents never went to college; they barely finished high school and started to work to support their families. However, Meryl was a brilliant student at school and applying to college was a goal she wanted to pursue. In 2014, she was in her last year at high school and things were going great in her studies. She had a scholarship—but something happened in her family that almost destroyed her dreams.

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Prayer requests for Peru

  • Please pray for children, families and communities who are doing all they can to salvage their livelihoods and rebuild their homes after widespread floods across the northern parts of the country. Pray for peace, strength, and for aid and support to get through to the worst-affected areas.
  • Pray for the Government of Peru and the nation’s leaders as they make decisions about where to deliver aid and how best to help families who have lost homes, belongings, and even their loved ones. Pray for wisdom and compassion.
  • There have been outbreaks of dengue fever lately, especially in Piura and Chiclayo (in the nation’s northwest). Please pray for the children and families who have been affected, that they will receive good medical support and be able to recover. Pray for Compassion’s efforts to distribute mosquito nets that will help to protect the children against this disease, and for the local churches’ education campaigns to show families how to mitigate the risk of infection.
  • Pray for Briana and Samirah, two registered girls from Huanuco. Briana is receiving treatment for bone marrow cancer, and Samirah was recently diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukaemia. Pray for God’s healing to be upon them. Pray also for their families as they support their daughters and rely on God for His comfort.