Thinking about sponsoring a child? Here are three powerful reasons to sponsor an older student today!

Sponsorship can be life-changing for children living in poverty.

Our Child Sponsorship Program doesn't just address a child's physical needs. In partnership with local churches in 26 countries, the holistic program helps to meet their social, economic and spiritual needs too.

Where poverty tells a child that they don't matter, your sponsorship shows them that they are loved, valued, and completely capable of making their dreams a reality.

While there is no doubt that sponsorship works for young children, there are so many older students who are also in need of vital support.

Here are three powerful reasons to consider sponsoring an older student today.

1. Make a lasting impact

Why You Should Consider Sponsoring an Older Student

For some of us, our final years of school are filled with complete certainty and utter bliss. But for others, these years are far from 'fun'.

Simply getting through the end of school can be a challenge in itself, let alone deciding what to do when it's over.

For children living in poverty, these decisions are influenced by many different factors. From the need to help support their families, to a lack of employment and higher education opportunities—sometimes it can feel like there just aren't any options.

By sponsoring an older student, you can give vital support at a pivotal moment in their life journey. Your encouragement and prayers serve as a powerful reminder of God's unfailing love and plan for their future.

Simply knowing that they are worth much more than their circumstances can be a powerful tool in fighting the lies of poverty.

2. Connect on a deeper level

Why You Should Consider Sponsoring an Older Student

Letter writing is one of the most beneficial aspects of child sponsorship, for sponsored children—and for sponsors!

It becomes a written record of our spiritual growth, and—most importantly—allows us to develop a personal relationship with one another.

Communicating with an older student usually comes with richer, deeper conversation. You will be able to talk about much more complex topics, and often hear about the child's life in greater detail.

This is especially beneficial if you have teenage children, as they will likely find it much easier to relate to and understand what your sponsored child is going through.

3. Greater flexibility

Why You Should Consider Sponsoring an Older Student

If you aren't sure whether you are able to commit to sponsoring a younger child for the duration of their time in the program, choosing an older student is a great option—as the sponsorship will last for a much shorter time frame.

Generally, the older students have been in our program since they were children but are in need of new sponsors due to cancellation. Being sponsored again can bring them a renewed sense of joy, hope and peace to support them on their journey into adulthood.

If you would like to bring hope to a child living in poverty, consider sponsoring an older student today!


Words by Claire Ince

Photos by Sara Navarro, Ironclad Media Alliance, Edwin Estioko and Ben Adams