Want to pray for your sponsored child, but not sure where to begin? Here are three tips to get you started!

Praying for your sponsored child and their family can make a major difference in their lives. Knowing that they are being prayed for reminds them that they are loved, cared for and capable of achieving their dreams—but sometimes, it can be tricky to know what you should be praying for.

Even though many children living in poverty face similar challenges, the way that they experience these challenges does vary.

Letter writing is a good way to get to know how your sponsored child experiences poverty, and will give you great insight into what you could pray for—but why stop there?

Here are three things to start praying for today!

Tip: If you feel comfortable, you could also write down your prayer and send it to your sponsored child to make them feel even more loved and valued!

1. Pray for Hope

Poverty lies to a child. It tells them that they don't matter, and that a life beyond poverty will never be within reach. For many, having hope feels completely pointless.

As Christians, we know that in Jesus, we can have hope in every circumstance—the kind of hope that is not fleeting, but eternal.

Please pray for a renewed sense of hope for your sponsored child and their family.

Pray that in Jesus, they can dream and work towards a future beyond what their eyes can see. Pray that they will no longer hear or believe the lies of poverty.

2. Pray for Education and Employment

Child sponsorship can make a huge difference in a child's life—especially for their education. From providing school supplies to vocational training and much more, our sponsorship program empowers children to make their dreams a reality.

Your encouragement and prayer helps to support them even further on their journey to adulthood—but it can also be a powerful tool for the whole family.

Please pray for employment opportunities, provision and peace for your sponsored child's parents.

If your sponsored child is nearing the end of school, pray for wisdom, clarity and provision as they begin higher education or enter the workforce.

3. Pray for Good Health

Poverty can have a devastating impact on the health of children and their families. Without access to timely medical support and intervention, sickness and disease can be life-threatening.

Please pray for the health of your sponsored child and their family.

Pray for protection against sickness and disease. Pray that every daily need would be met, and that there would be no fear for their health now or in the future.

How to Pray for Your Sponsored Child and Their Family

God is good, loving and far more powerful than any circumstance. When we put our trust in Him, He can move mountains for us.

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Words by Claire Ince

Photos by Annaleise Germon, Betsy Grandez and Galia Oropeza.