The word “Selah” throughout scripture is used as an exclamation mark at the end of a verse to help us pause and reflect on its meaning. As we take time to look back on 2020 and the year that has bought so much change, we want to invite you on a Christmas devotional journey together.

We have a 24-day blog journey for you to share with your congregations and friends.

A Spotify carol list, to listen and worship together with.


And a conversation starter question to sit and reflect at the tables you are gathering around.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply transformed our churches and society, and it has not spared the children we serve.

But it also enables us to pause and think differently about the way that we serve one another.

We want to say thank you and invite you into a time of reflection and conversation about the way that we serve the most vulnerable in our world.

  1. Day 1: The Table of Justice
  2. Day 2: Where Your Treasure Is
  3. Day 3: The Gift of Thankfulness
  4. Day 4: Heavenly Light—Longing for Justice
  5. Day 5: Repeat the Sounding Joy
  6. Day 6: Mary's Song: A Longing with Expectation
  7. Day 7: Seeking Justice: Who are my Christmas Elves?
  8. Day 8: Trusting God Throughout the Journey
  9. Day 9: When You're Missing Someone at Christmas
  10. Day 10: Daddy, What Does God Want?
  11. Day 11: Reframing Gift Giving this Christmas
  12. Day 12: Dwelling in the Christmas Season
  13. Day 13: The Earth and Our Christmas Impact
  14. Day 14: Around the Table: Managing Complex Relationships this Christmas
  15. Day 15: Taste and See that the Lord is Good
  16. Day 16: When Christmas is Lonely
  17. Day 17: Dear Mother Rest
  18. Day 18: Seeking Wisdom
  19. Day 19: The Inherited Landscape, the Foundation and the Build
  20. Day 20: O Silent Night: Managing Expectations
  21. Day 21: Our Farmers and Our Land
  22. Day 22: Guiding Lights and Compassion this Christmas
  23. Day 23: The Compassionate Prayer
  24. Day 24: Restoration: Prince of Peace