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of people live below the poverty line


years is the average life expectancy


lack access to improved sanitation

Lenny M Mugisha

Letter from Compassion Uganda Director Lenny Mugisha

Dear Sponsor, I am Lenny Mugisha; I have been the Country Director of Compassion Uganda for three years now, but I have worked with Compassion International for seven years. The three years to me have been years of fervent ministry to children both directly and indirectly. I like to swim in the evenings after work whenever it is possible. Swimming refreshes me and keeps me in shape for more assignments and duties that await me.

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Enoch’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Enoch grew up in a poverty-stricken home in Kinono, Uganda. His father was handicapped by a misaimed grenade in Idi Amin Dada’s civil war in 1979. It left him incapacitated and unable to provide for the family. The family depended on Enoch’s mother, a peasant farmer who was poorly equipped to bring in sufficient support.

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Prayer requests for Uganda

  • Pray for the many families in the five child development centres in Isingiro, who are affected by famine due to a prolonged drought. Please pray for their communities, and for other areas affected. Pray that there will be a quick response from the government, all the concerned parties, and for divine intervention that lives won't be lost.
  • Pray for Rita of UG-222, who lost her father recently. Not only that, but the family from the father’s side has refused to give Rita and her mother any land. They say that Rita’s father took his portion of the land when he was young and misused it. Now Rita and the mother have nowhere to live. They are renting in town and the mother is very worried. Please pray for counsel and comfort during this trying time.
  • Pray for Lillian, a Compassion staff who needs healing for her skin. She gets reactions every month that make her skin itchy and painful. Sometimes it happens when she travels and yet she travels often. She has seen so many skin doctors and general ones but it just doesn’t improve. Please pray for God’s healing hand.
  • Pray for the peaceful co-existence of the two tribes of Bakonjo and Bamba in Bundibugyo where the UG-528, Busiya Child Development Centre is located. There has been some tension between the two groups; pray for God’s peace and reconciliation there.