How you can pray

Thank you for lifting up children and families around the world who are impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic—and the local staff and churches who continue to serve them in difficult circumstances.

  • pray With social distancing practised and social events cancelled, pray that God will raise up a new chapter of building meaningful, deeper relationships with each other. Pray that God’s kindness and love will be on display in every nation and every walk of life.
  • pray Pray for nations where food crises are following on the heels of isolation measures, as people lack access to sufficient clean water and food. Ask God to provide their daily bread and meet their needs.
  • pray Pray for the Lord to protect the health of people who live in poverty, as they are the least able to socially isolate themselves or choose alternative work arrangements. Pray for children registered with the program in this season of sickness. Ask the Lord to place a hedge of protection over the children and their families.
  • pray Lift up health workers, hospitals, administrators and decision-makers to God as they respond to the pandemic. Pray for protection, wisdom and hearts of compassion for the most vulnerable.
  • pray Pray for wisdom and resilience for churches across the globe, as they live out His love in faith. May the Lord be their strength and guide as they respond to the challenges of the virus facing their communities and churches.
  • pray Pray for Compassion supporters and sponsors all over the world. May each of them be surrounded by the grace, love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to hold their hands and lead them.

Thank you for praying with us!